Making Democracy Work

Monday, 9:30 a.m.

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri brings you this weekly program, which covers a variety of topics related to the Ozarks and democracy.

Courtesy of Crista Hogan

This week on Making Democracy Work, Lisa Langley speaks with Crista Hogan, executive director for the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association.

The discussion explores the difference in voting for retention of judges, as with Greene County, compared to partisan elections in surrounding counties.

Courtesy of Missouri State University

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Debbie Good speaks Dr. Kathy Pulley, professor of religious studies at Missouri State University.

Today’s discussion talks about the relationship between religion and politics, exploring the line between the two entities particularly with regard to elections.

Exploring Election Coverage and Impact of Social Media

Sep 24, 2018

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Leslie Carrier talks with Will Schmitt, political journalist with the Springfield News Leader.

Today’s discussion explores the impact of social media on political journalism, and looks at how the newspaper navigates election coverage.

Courtesy of Madison McFarland

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Lisa Langley speaks with Madison McFarland, election coordinator with the Greene County Clerk’s Office.

Today’s discussion begins an eight week long series leading up the November 6th Midterm election.  McFarland shares about the need and requirements to become a local election poll worker or election judge.

Click here to find the application and learn more.

Theresa Bettmann / KSMU

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Debbie Good speaks with Dave Fraley, chairman of Ozarks Clean Air Alliance (OCAA), and Barbara Lucks former sustainability officer for City of Springfield and former chair of OCAA.

Today’s discussion explores current air quality reports, how we as residents can participate, and highlights upcoming electric lawn mower event at South Farmer’s Market on September 22nd.