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KSMU Legacy Circle

Plan for the future and support KSMU Radio in a meaningful way.

Whatever your stage in life, it is a good idea to think about and plan for how your affairs will be handled. Ensure that you and your loved ones are well protected and consider making a lasting impact on KSMU.

Become a member of KSMU’s Legacy Circle and plan for your lasting legacy today.   

What is the Legacy Circle?

The Legacy Circle is made up of people who believe strongly in the power of public radio. These individuals seek to ensure the future of public radio in the Ozarks beyond their own lifetime by including KSMU Radio in their estate plans. These gifts take many forms including wills, charitable gift annuities, trust arrangements, real estate gifts, life insurance policies and more.

Why make a legacy gift?

Local news reporting, alternative musical genres, student training, thoughtful discourse…all of the things you appreciate about KSMU are possible because of the generosity of our supporters. When you include KSMU in your estate plans, you are helping ensure that KSMU remains a vital part of the Ozarks for generations to come.

Making a charitable gift through your estate plans is a very personal decision. Individuals make this decision for many reasons, from philanthropy to tax benefits. We encourage you to consider your situation, talk to a tax professional and make the right decision for you.

Why join the Legacy Circle?

Each planned gift KSMU receives is a humbling reminder that individuals in our community believe deeply in the mission of public radio. Our biggest regret is that we often do not have the opportunity to thank these individuals and share with them the tremendous difference they have made to the station.

While you can, of course, include KSMU Radio in your estate plans anonymously, we would love to have the opportunity to thank you personally and recognize your generosity. As a Legacy Circle member, you’ll also receive special station updates and invitations to station events.

How can I join the Legacy Circle?

Joining the Legacy Circle is easy! Simply communicate your intentions to include KSMU Radio in your estate plans. You can do that by contacting Lori Street at 417-836-3506 or

How can I include KSMU in my estate planning?

KSMU Radio operates under the non-profit status of the Missouri State University Foundation. Estate gifts should be made to the Missouri State University Foundation with KSMU designated as the recipient.

KSMU cannot offer tax or legal advice and we encourage you to consult the appropriate tax and legal professionals to ensure you are making the decision that is best for you. Below we have provided some commonly requested information to help you and your estate advisors.

Missouri State University Foundation
Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center
300 South Jefferson, Suite 100
Springfield, MO 65806

Tax ID Number (EIN): 43-1234200

Sample Bequest Language: I give to the Missouri State University Foundation, 300 South Jefferson, Suite 100, Springfield, MO 65806 the sum of $____________ (or percentage of estate), to be designated for distribution to KSMU Public Radio.