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Mailing Address:
901 South National
Springfield, MO 65897
(417) 836-5878
(800) 767-5768
Fax: (417) 836-5889

Staff Directory

Tammy Wiley General Manager 417-836-6634 

Rachel Knight Assistant to the General Manager 417-836-3511 

Jamie Henline Director of Community Support 417-836-3512

Lori Street Membership Manager 417-836-3506 

Kiriana Mack-Hansen Membership Coordinator 417-836-3505 

Jessica Balisle Administrative Specialist/Studio Live 417-836-5878 

Liz Malarkey Traffic Coordinator 417-836-8962

Ted Quirk Corporate Support Representative 417-836-8894

Jennifer Moore News Director & Content Coordinator 417-836-4751 

Michele Skalicky Morning Edition Host 417-836-4404 

Randy Stewart Fine Arts Producer 417-836-6361

Doug Waugh Chief Engineer 417-836-5831 

Dan Feind OPB Senior Broadcast Engineer 417-836-6255

Mike Smith Features Producer / Seldom Heard Music Host 417-836-4401 

Student Producers

Theresa Bettmann News Producer/Announcer 417-836-5878

Claire Kidwell News Producer 417-836-5878

Tom McFarland Producer/Announcer 417-836-5878

Brendan Diedrich Announcer 417-836-5878

Peter Batemon Production Assistant 417-836-5878

University Communications

Nicki Donnelson Assistant Director, University Communications 417-836-6397

Emily Yeap PR Specialist, University Communications 417-836-5774

Volunteer Hosts

Emily Higgins Host of "The Mulberry Tree" 417-836-5878

Randy Hamm Host of "Journey Into Jazz" 417-836-6739

Harry Moore Co-host "Seldom Heard Music" 417-836-5878

Lee Worman Host of "The Gold Ring" 417-836-5878

Rich Lawson Host of "The Basement" 417-836-5878

John Darkhorse Host of "Route 66 Blues Express" 417-836-5878

Marideth Sisco Host of "These Ozarks Hills" 417-836-5878

Drew Summers Host of "Holland Street Jazz" 417-836-5878

Theresa Bettmann Host of "Monday Jazz Excursions" 417-836-5878

Joe Livingston Host of "The Roundabout" 417-836-5878