Domestic Violence

Courtesy of Family Justice Center

This week, host Erika Brame speaks with Jamie Willis, project coordinator with the Greene County Family Justice Center.

Today’s discussion explores local and national increase in domestic violence this year during the pandemic.  Willis talks about what has changed with COVID this year regarding operations.

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The number of domestic violence survivors staying in Harmony House in Springfield decreased in 2019 for the first time in a decade.

Lisa Farmer, the Executive Director at Harmony House, says the numbers decreased by 10 people from 2018 to 2019. Those numbers are small, but they’re headed in the right direction. Farmer suspects the decrease may have to do with the city’s new Family Justice Center and awareness efforts.

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Many children have escaped the trauma of domestic violence and are living with a parent in the Harmony House shelter in east Springfield. Harmony House serves anywhere between 30 and 50 children at any given time. 

And that trauma can impact a child’s education.

Tony LaBellarte is the Children’s Case Manager at Harmony House. 

Talking About Domestic Violence

Mar 25, 2019
Courtesy of Paula Rector-MSU Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Hue-Ping Chin talks with Paula Rector, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Missouri State University.

Today’s discussion explores the prevalence of domestic violence in our region as well as ways this problem is being addressed.

Proposed legislation would allow some Missouri employees to take unpaid leave to take care of matters relating to domestic violence.

The Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee held a public forum on the bill Wednesday morning.

The bill would legally require workplaces with a minimum of fifteen employees to allow workers to take one week of leave concerning matters of domestic violence. These days could be used to seek medical attention, obtain counseling, seek legal help or other matters related to a situation of domestic violence.  Employers with at least 50 employees would be required to allow two weeks.

Harmony House

Within a recent eight-day span, local law enforcement reported 11 violent or suspicious deaths, some in which the alleged assailant and victims knew one another. While the nature of these crimes is still under investigation, efforts to reduce cases of domestic violence have been a focal point over the past several years.

Just last month, the Springfield Police Department released its 2014 crime data. And while overall crime dropped by 12 percent from the year before, the number of aggravated assaults increased by seven percent.