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Josh Conaway is a second year student at Missouri State University studying political science and Spanish. He works as news reporter and announcer for KSMU. His favorite part of working for KSMU is meeting a wide variety of interesting people for stories. He has a passion for history and running.

Bailey Vassalli / KSMU

The Special Olympics Missouri State Summer Games were cancelled this year after a tornado damaged the organization’s headquarters in Jefferson City. Despite the setback, one Springfield athlete keeps training.

“These medals I’ve got on are actually from state-level basketball and bowling this year,” said Kit Gillihan.

Gillihan proudly displays his many medals from Missouri athletic competitions. Basketball and bowling are only two of the sports he practices for the Special Olympics Missouri Summer Games. The full list is impressive.

Joshua Conaway

Most of us have heard of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Peace Corps, but there’s another corps of people working to restore and preserve natural spaces in the Ozarks.

A group of college students is busy clearing cedar logs and sticks on a hill and stacking them in piles to be burned. The work is part of a glade restoration project by the Watershed Conservation Corps at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.

Stacey Spensley / Flickr


A veterans’ volunteer group will team up with Crosslines on Saturday, June 29 to feed hungry individuals and families in central Springfield.

According to Council of Churches of the Ozarks, the organization’s Crosslines program and a veteran-run organization called Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. will prepare chicken and fries Saturday for up to 400 people.



The US Department of Transportation is launching a pilot program to allow young veterans to pursue careers in commercial driving. 

The program allows 18 to 20-year-olds with a military commercial driving license to cross state lines in large trucks. Before now, federal law restricted commercial trucking across state lines to drivers 21 and older.

Bass Pro Shops
Scott Harvey / KSMU


Bass Pro Shops and eight of its partner properties will host a career fair at the Branson Landing on Wednesday.


More than 100 positions are up for grabs at the job fair, according to a press release. The jobs offered range from hospitality to administration and operations. Applicants should bring resumes, because there will be on-site interviews.


Missouri State University is partnering with the Peace Corps to offer a program to prepare MSU students who want to serve. 

The program focuses on preparing students to serve internationally as Peace Corps volunteers. Coursework includes a focus on training for work overseas, foreign language lessons, intercultural competence and professional and leadership development.

Missouri State’s Center for Community Engagement heads the program. The head of the CCE, Alex Johnson, says the program will make it easier for MSU students to get involved with the Peace Corps.

Ozarks Technical Community College

Ozarks Technical Community College is expanding its aviation program to the city of Lebanon.

In addition to its flying lessons in Springfield, OTC will offer the program in Lebanon starting this fall.  The city of Lebanon renovated a building for OTC to use, and a private donor contributed to the program, officials said.

Dr. Matt Hudson is OTC’s Dean for Technical Education and rolled out the program on Wednesday. While the program will not be as extensive as the one in Springfield, Hudson says the expansion will give students a way to explore aviation locally.