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Josh Conaway is a second year student at Missouri State University studying political science and Spanish. He works as news reporter and announcer for KSMU. His favorite part of working for KSMU is meeting a wide variety of interesting people for stories. He has a passion for history and running.

Victory Mission Logo / Used with permission

  What do you do during a stay-at-home order if you don't have a home to go to?  In Springfield, Victory Mission offers emergency shelter for homeless men. And as the coronavirus transforms life in Greene County, it and other shelters are getting creative as they try to stay open and safe. This is the story of one local homeless man navigating that process.


For Eric West, things were finally starting to look up a few weeks ago.  He had a new job as a cook at a Springfield hotel and he was even able to put some money away for savings, he said.



The City of Nixa has dedicated a website listing tips and resources for families and businesses to get through the coronavirus pandemic. has a tab for local businesses, with information on state and federal programs to turn to for relief, and ways to keep employees from getting sick.


Citizen's Memorial Hospital

What do you get when you mix an infectious disease doctor, a few "techies," and a physician's assistant?  Turns out, it's the winning combination for 3D printed respirators for Citizen’s Memorial Hospital in Bolivar in case the gear is needed in responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

Matt Havens, a physician assistant at CMH, worked with family and tech groups to create respirators through 3D printing. They used a design they found on the web but it didn’t work very well.



Branson’s Parks and Recreation Department will deliver essential items to city residents who are in the high-risk group for coronavirus.

Volunteers will buy essential items for residents who could be severely impacted by COVID-19 and drop them off at their doorsteps. The program is being offered by Branson Parks and Recreation and the City of Branson.

The Mystery Hour


Artists and performers are doing what they can to provide some relief during a time saturated with heavy events. For over a decade the Springfield-based late night show “The Mystery Hour” has recorded in front of live audiences, hosted by Jeff Houghton. Now, he’s hosting the show from home every weeknight. 

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Jeff Houghton has begun streaming daily, live episodes on Facebook from his garage, which he calls “Desperation Studios.”

City of Springfield


Springfield police officers are changing how they operate as COVID-19 spreads in the city. 

 A station dispatcher with the Springfield Police Department said 911 calls will still be answered normally, but they might ask more questions about the situation to see how exactly police should respond. 


Those calling in might be asked to fill out a police report online or be transferred to give information on the phone. Officers on patrol will ask people to meet them outside of their buildings and keep at least 6 feet of distance while talking.



As employees face uncertainty with businesses hit by restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus, some industries are looking to hire workers for “essential” services.

Dollar General is nearly doubling its hiring rate as the increased demand for household products continues. A statement put out by the company said they’re looking to hire over 50,000 new employees by the end of April, including people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus.

Francesco Improta

Where most people see the COVID-19 pandemic as a national emergency, scammers are using the opportunity to prey on others--and some are targeting the elderly.

Imagine getting a great deal for a vacation overseas from a travel website. You make a down payment, but the “agency” sends a message saying the trip has been postponed. Eventually, they tell you that due to the coronavirus, they are not issuing any refunds. This is one of many scams reported to the Better Business Bureau in recent weeks.

SeniorAge AAA

The coronavirus outbreak is especially dangerous for senior citizens and those with weakened immune systems. One option for when senior citizens run low on food is to turn to senior centers.

Josh Conaway / KSMU News


Former Missouri Governor Bob Holden campaigned for former Vice President Joe Biden in Springfield ahead of Tuesday's presidential primary in Missouri.


Holden, who served as Missouri’s governor from 2001 to 2005, spoke on Sunday at a campaign event to promote a phone bank to get out the vote for Biden. Holden told KSMU Biden’s greatest asset is a unifying type of leadership.

File Photo / KSMU


The Missouri Nurses Association has endorsed a 2020 ballot initiative to expand Medicaid to nearly a quarter million Missourians. 

According to a news release from Healthcare For Missouri, which supports the initative, the Missouri Nurses Association joins 120 other organizations throwing their weight behind the effort to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot this November. 


The program would bring in federal funding to cover most of the cost to expand Medicaid eligibility for Missouri’s lower-income and disabled population.

CFO / Community Foundation of the Ozarks


The Community Foundation of the Ozarks presented five agencies $120,000 in grants to tackle challenges facing the region.

The grants reward what the Community Foundation calls “collective impact efforts.”  There are five partnerships, which represent over 25 organizations, and they're basing their efforts on the annual Community Focus Report, which highlights “red flag” issues facing Springfield and Greene County.

Bridget Dirks of CFO told KSMU the grants help tackle specific problems, even long after the money is awarded.

Joshua Conaway / KSMU

As the House of Representatives debates articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, we asked Springfield citizens their opinion on the issue.

Kevin Atkinson, 60

“I think this impeachment is a farce. It’s just that simple. There is absolutely no Constitutional basis for it, and is merely an attempt to override the will of the people electing our lawful President.”

Aidan McKenna, 18


Burrell Behavioral Health will open a new expansion to one of its main facilities in Springfield Thursday.

The Connection Center is a major expansion at Burrell’s main location on E. Bradford Parkway.

It’s been renovated from office space to be more welcoming to clients and speed up access to mental health services.

Matt Lemmon is a spokesman for Burrell.

Used with Permission / Fogle4MO


On Saturday morning, Democratic candidate Betsy Fogle and her supporters went door to door to campaign for her as a future state representative. Fogle hopes to flip the 135th district from Republican Steve Helms, who’s represented it since 2017.

About a dozen volunteers and staff knocked on doors near the MSU campus.