KSMU's 2018 Election Coverage

Here at KSMU, we have a long, proud history of reporting on local and statewide elections.   Read about the candidates and issues below.  Find out which Missouri House, Senate, and Congressional districts you live in by clicking on this interactive map.  And search for campaign contributions to candidates and elected officials here.

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Update at 9:45 AM, Nov. 7, 2018:    Voter turnout in Greene County for Tuesday's midterm election was a very high 71 percent, according to county election results.

Greene County clerk Shane Schoeller had estimated voters would turnout between 55 and 60 percent.  As ballot boxes began to arrive at the Greene County Election Headquarters after the polls closed, staff described the boxes as "heavy" and "full."

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Election Day has arrived.  Polls opened at 6 this morning and will remain open until 7 p.m.  If you’re in line by 7 p.m. you will get to vote.

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Missourians will see three medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot November 6:  there's Amendment 2, Amendment 3, and Proposition C.

Here's what makes each of them different.

Amendment 2

Amendment 2 is backed by a group called New Approach Missouri. The group’s spokesman is Jack Cardetti.