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Greene County Reaches Higher Turnout Than Predicted

Megan Burke


Update at 9:45 AM, Nov. 7, 2018:    Voter turnout in Greene County for Tuesday's midterm election was a very high 71 percent, according to county election results.

Greene County clerk Shane Schoeller had estimated voters would turnout between 55 and 60 percent.  As ballot boxes began to arrive at the Greene County Election Headquarters after the polls closed, staff described the boxes as "heavy" and "full."

Schoeller spent his Tuesday visiting polling centers around the county. He said the various locations were busy all day, and that one demographic from his visit to the Missouri State University Welcome Center stood out in particular.

"From what I could tell – from the time I was at Missouri State – we had a number of students showing up to vote throughout the entire day. And so I think that’s a really good sign that we had more students than we’ve had in past elections that were voting today," Schoeller said.

He says there’s been a strong showing of voters in the county and across the state for a midterm election.  

"It’s really nice to see people being engaged because this is the day that every person who comes to vote is treated equally – regardless of your background, regardless of who you are," Schoeller said.

Schoeller told KSMU last week that the 2010 midterm election – which had an open U.S. Senate race and Congressional seat on the ballot – saw a 46 percent voter turnout. And in 2014, Greene County only hit 36 percent.

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