MoDOT Report: Missouri Has 922 Bridges in Poor Condition

Missouri has 922 bridges listed in poor condition —that’s according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The U.S. Department of Transportation classifies bridges on a scale from 1 to 9: a score of 7, 8, or 9 means that a bridge is in “Good” condition and a score of 5 or 6 means that a bridge is rated as “Fair.” When a bridge reaches a score of 4 or lower, it’s considered in “Poor” condition and in need of repairs. MoDOT State Bridge Engineer Dennis Heckman explained why Missouri has...

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The Russia Investigations: Maybe The End Is In Sight. Maybe It Isn't

Last week in the Russia investigations: The special counsel ties up loose ends, but that may not mean the finish line is any closer. Endings and beginnings Never mind that it still isn't fully clear what the Russia imbroglio is — what picture all the puzzle pieces are supposed to form when they're put together. An even more basic question that's just as difficult to answer is: How much longer will it go ? "Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller is tightening the net" has become a...

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When you hit your 40s, it's only natural to want to try new things.

Winter Storm Wallops Parts Of Southeastern U.S.

1 hour ago

A deadly snowstorm carrying snow, sleet and freezing rain created dangerous road conditions and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of households and businesses in five states from Virginia to Georgia over the weekend. At least three deaths have been blamed on the storm.

Jenna Neikirk was nearing the end of her first pregnancy when her blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels.

"I started feeling splotchy and hot, just kind of uncomfortable, so I took my blood pressure at work and it was 160 over 120," she says. Neikirk's a physical therapist in Atlanta and knew that level was alarmingly high.

She left work and walked over to her obstetrician's office, which was in the same medical complex.

Roger, a buff red kangaroo who made his home at a sanctuary in Australia but achieved renown worldwide for his impressive musculature, has died at the age of 12.

Roger was rescued as an orphaned joey; he was trapped inside his dead mother's pouch when a man named Chris Barns discovered him and decided to found a kangaroo sanctuary. (That sanctuary was recently featured in a BBC documentary series called Kangaroo Dundee.)

Updated at 4 p.m. ET

President Trump says he will be making a decision "soon" on a new chief of staff. But some of the candidates whose names have been floated for the post say they're not interested.

It seems people are not exactly lining up for the chance to try to organize Trump's impulsive and unpredictable operation, especially in the face of an aggressive special counsel's investigation and newly empowered Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr walks up the stairs from her office in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to her car when she notices that the sky has darkened and is starting to open up.

Tiny drops of rain fall. Within seconds they've become large and squishy, splashing against the concrete – and she's forgotten her rain boots. Her hot pink slingbacks won't make it through a downpour.

As the international climate summit in southern Poland enters its second and final week, most countries agree on the basic scientific facts: greenhouse gasses are causing climate change, and every country is feeling its effects.

But the United States, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, has taken a different view. The administration questions the overwhelming scientific evidence suggesting that human activity is causing the climate to warm. As a result, the U.S., which has been a leader in past negotiations, is playing unpredictable role in this year's summit.