KSMU Election Coverage 2018

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When American doctors enter the field of medicine, most take an oath to put the patient’s health as a top priority.  But some doctors and hospitals say they are concerned that Missouri’s sudden legalization of medical marijuana raises questions on how doctors should prescribe the drug to patients.

The Constitutional amendment that passed included a list of conditions that can be legally treated with marijuana.


The Midterm Election: The Results and What They Mean

Nov 7, 2018
Michele Skalicky

Tuesday’s elections have resulted in changes for Missouri.  For instance, a majority of the state’s voters decided to replace their Democratic U.S. Senator with a Republican and voted to allow medical marijuana use. Dr. Daniel Ponder, L.E. Meador Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meador Center of Politics and Citizenship, helps us make sense of the results.

Hawley-McCaskill Race

State Auditor Nicole Galloway defeated Republican Saundra McDowell to be the only Democrat holding a statewide office.

“To me what this election says is that folks believe in accountability,” Galloway said after her victory Tuesday. “They believe that Jefferson City needs someone that will call the balls and strikes and call out corruption when it happens and hold those accountable for their actions.”

Missouri’s redistricting process and some state ethics laws will soon change, as voters passed Amendment 1 on Tuesday.

A little more than a year after the Missouri General Assembly stymied Kansas City’s effort to raise the minimum wage, state voters said it’s time for an increase.