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Springfield City Council Member Kristi Fulnecky Announces Run for Mayor

Fulnecky for Springfield

Springfield City Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky plans to run for Springfield mayor  in 2017.  In what she calls "A Contract with Springfield," Fulnecky outlines things she would focus on.  The contract reads:

1.) Support police officers and the police department.  This will in turn, decrease crime and help retain trained and experienced police personnel.

2.) Support firefighters and the fire department, and focus on public safety.

3.) Help create a favorable environment to bring and retain jobs in Springfield.  Less red tape and regulations for businesses.  Employment will help combat the poverty problem.

4.) Maintain streets and fill potholes.

5.) Transparency in local government.

6.) Less waste, keep taxes low and keep government small

7). Stop the needless jail lawsuit and work with the County for a short and long term solution.

8.) Finally fix police/fire pension fund until 100% funded.

9.) Display national motto in council chambers, "In God We Trust."

10.) Uphold stricter nudity or indecent exposure laws in order to keep our family-friendly environment and attract families to Springfield.

She says, "If the contract signers become a council majority; By July 31 approximately four months after the April 2017 election, these promises will be made into bills and sent through committee, in order to go to the council floor for a vote."

The Springfield Police Officers Association has endorced her candidacy.

Fulnecky is the subject of an investigation to determine whether or not she was qualified to take the oath of office due to alleged unpaid business fees.

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