Claire Kidwell

News Producer, Announcer

Claire Kidwell is a senior at Missouri State University, and is majoring in Global Studies with minors in Music and Math. She is from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and is involved in Model United Nations, the MSU Chorale, and the Kindness Commission.

National Avenue Christian Church

In an event on August 1, the Springfield NAACP plans to share stories of discrimination in public schools.

It’s called “Intersections: A Community Tells Its Stories.”  Organizers say they hope to create a community dialogue on what Springfield Public Schools can change to make their student body more inclusive.

Toni Robinson, the president of Springfield NAACP, wants to see this event impact and transform the community.

“So the overall arching goal is definitely bringing light to these injustices, and empowering people so we can make some changes as a community.”


A new state law in Missouri has drawn battle lines between state and local government.  At issue is:  who has the final say in what large farms can and cannot do? 

Bill SB391, which will become law on August 28th, 2019, restricts how much control county governments have when it comes to industrial farms known as Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs. Essentially, county governments can no longer enforce stricter measures than the state’s rules when it comes to regulating these farms.

Todd Wilkinson / James River Basin Partnership

The James River Basin Partnership and the Ozark Mountain Paddlers are gearing up for their annual river clean up this summer. 

Picture this: 15,000 pounds of trash and 63 tires. That’s how much junk was removed last year by 125 participants in the annual cleanup.

Brent Stock is project manager for the James River Basin Partnership, and he says this project is their biggest clean up event of the year.

James River, once a polluted waterway 20 years ago, is now a popular floating and recreation stream.

Sean Astin

Sean Astin, an actor, director, voice artist and producer, served as keynote speaker at a daylong conference Wednesday at Missouri State University.  The conference focused on mental health on college campuses with a goal of creating community dialogue. 

The Impact Summit: College Student Mental Health Conference brought together community leaders to focus on destigmatizing mental health. This is an issue close to home for Sean Astin.

Claire Kidwell / KSMU News

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Missouri State University staff and local basketball fans met Amaka Agugua-Hamilton, the new head coach for Lady Bears Basketball.


“Coach Mox,” as she’s known, brings her own approach to coaching, saying that her priorities are family first, then academics, and then basketball.


“You know, my job is not only to win games and make you guys the best basketball player you can be and help you that way, my job is also to prepare you for life after basketball, and I take pride in that," Agugua-Hamilton said.