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Claire Kidwell is a senior at Missouri State University, and is majoring in Global Studies with minors in Music and Math. She is from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and is involved in Model United Nations, the MSU Chorale, and the Kindness Commission.

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The group Me Too Springfield is trying to oust a Greene County circuit judge from office; the advocacy group says it feels Judge Calvin Holden’s rulings are too lenient on sexual assault perpetrators.  

We reached out to several judicial sources for interviews, but they said they were unable to comment on any particular case.

They were willing, however, to point us to the rules and the Constitutional provisions that govern this process. 

Removal through the Commission on Retirement, Removal, and Discipline

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Missouri Governor Mike Parson formally announced Sunday he’s running for a second term as the state's chief executive. This will be the first time he campaigns for that office because he ascended to the post after former governor Eric Greitens resigned last year amid scandal. 

In his hometown of Bolivar, Parson officially announced his bid for the 2020 gubernatorial spot in front of a crowd of supporters who had gathered in the local high school.

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Healthcare for Missouri is a new group that wants to put Medicaid expansion on the 2020 ballot. 

When the US Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare, the justices kept most of the Affordable Care Act—but they left one part optional for each state to decide:   whether to expand Medicaid to include more people. Medicaid is the government health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

So far, Missouri’s Republican-led legislature has not expanded the program in the Show-Me State, even though the federal government would pay for the majority of the cost. 

City Hall
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What do you want Springfield to look like in 20 years?   Forward SGF, the official name for the next comprehensive city plan for Springfield, is underway.

This long-range, community-wide plan will help City Council chart out improvements for Springfield for the next two decades. So, leaders are seeking community feedback.

Randall Whitman, the principal planner for the city’s planning and development department, said that this plan acts as a roadmap for the city.


Joplin and Springfield have made a top ten list identifying the best cities for truckers in the US. 

In a study of 384 cities by AdvisorSmith, Springfield ranks #9 for best mid-size cities for heavy & tractor-trailer truck drivers.

And Joplin was ranked #1 in the study, due to its location in the four state area, and many major trucking lines have their headquarters there.

According to Katherine Trombetta, spokeswoman for the Missouri Jobs Center, Springfield earned the ranking for a number of reasons, including its central location in the United States.