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Greene, Christian County Officials Predict High Voter Turnout for Midterm

Megan Burke

Local officials are expecting voters to show up Tuesday in higher numbers than average for midterm elections. Greene County clerk Shane Schoeller says the area is expressing a “healthy interest” in the election.

“It appears – if the voter turnout on the day of the election reflects what we’re seeing in absentee members – we could have between a 55 to 60 percent turnout from voters here in Greene County,” Schoeller said.

Schoeller says the 2010 midterm election – which had an open U.S. Senate race and congressional seat on the ballot – saw a 46 percent voter turnout. And in 2014, Greene County only hit 36 percent.

He says this year’s high prediction is partially because of the issues on the ballot that could change the Missouri Constitution or state statutes.

Schoeller encourages voters to study the issues beforehand on Greene County’s webpage where they can read through a composite ballot.

In Christian County, clerk Kay Brown is expecting similar turnout numbers.

“Well, I anticipate we’re going to have at least 60 percent turnout. We’ve had heavy absentee voting continuing here in the office even as we speak,” Brown said.

Voters can find sample ballots for all Christian County polling places by clicking here.

Absentee voters can vote in the office of the local county clerk until 5 p.m. the night before the election. Midterm elections are Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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