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Health Field Students Getting Trained in Collaboration

Allen in her classroom

When a loved one experiences a traumatic event that results in hospitalization, it’s a scary time on many levels. In addition to your loved one’s welfare and health, it can be overwhelming to meet with all of the specialized health professionals. While each provide care to your loved one, breaking through their jargon or differentiating between their individual roles and goals can be challenging.

Natalie Allen, clinical instructor of dietetics within the biomedical sciences department at Missouri State University, explains the health care team.

Workforce preparedness is a top priority at Missouri State. Since working within a team is a real-world skill that students need to be prepared to apply, three departments within the College of Health and Human Services are putting their students to the test. Allen explains the pilot project.

Though the CHHS Interprofessional collaborative project currently involves just dietetics, social work and occupational therapy, Allen notes that if all goes according to plan, many other departments will join in during future semesters to provide a holistic experience for their students.

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