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Attending Career Center’s Hiring Events to Fulfill Dreams or Simply Make Ends Meet

The local unemployment rate is just above 4 percent, but there’s still many in search of work. KSMU’s Kathryn Eutsler attended a hiring event in Springfield to hear from hopeful applicants.

Patrick Powell has a passion to learn. He has been pursuing a degree in Geology and English at Missouri S&T, but financial troubles forced him to take a break from school.

“I’m having to work for a bit, so I can pay it off. That’s why I’m here right now looking for my second job,” Powell explains, straightening his suit jacket and gesturing to his completed application.

The Missouri Career Center is hosting hiring events this week and next to assist local job seekers. Powell says the Career Center helped get him his current job, by assisting Powell with applications and his resume.

“The day I went and changed my resume up…I sent my resume in and the next day, got the email to come in for the interview [for my current job],” Powell explains.

He’s hoping to experience that same success from his interview with Grizzly, one of two companies brought in for Wednesday’s hiring event.

Nadine Robbin, of Aurora, has similar hopes. She’s interviewing with Dollar Tree.

Robbin says she’s been unemployed for a year, and has sent in many applications with little results.

“It has been hard…it’s been awhile since I’ve done a job interview. I’m a little nervous, but I’m trying,” she says, adding that the Career Center does offer advice and help throughout the entire job application process.

“[My husband’s] retired, so basically I’m the only one working,” Robbin explains.

Helping people like Powell and Robbin transition into various industries is the purpose of these hiring events, says the Career Center’s Cynthia Collins.

“The fortunate thing about being in the Ozarks, we have several different industries, so people that are looking for employment can use their transferable skills to cross industries,” Collins says.

She adds that in order to be successful in crossing industries, the most important thing is to be prepared. As Powell and Robbin have discovered, the Career Center offers resume assistance and interviewing advice to encourage success.

Overall, Collins is optimistic about the likelihood of employment for the people it serves.

“The economy here is definitely on the upgrade. Even with the layoffs that we have had, we are able to absorb people into employment. We have a lot of job openings in all of our industries.

The next Career Center hiring event is today from 9:00am – 3:00pm. For more information, please contact Business Services Specialist Heather Hardinger at 417-841-3386.

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