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Some TV Viewers Will Need to Rescan Sets to Receive OPT, Other Channels

Michele Skalicky

Several local television stations will change frequencies at 2 a.m. Monday, including KY3 and Ozarks Public Television.

Kirk Lemons, chief engineer at KY3, said anyone without satellite or cable will need to rescan their televisions or converter boxes for channels if they want to keep watching the channels that are changing frequencies.

“And that’s a process that, you know, requires that you go into your menu, and all televisions are slightly different, but mostly you go into a set up menu and then you’ll have an option to automatically scan channels,” said Lemons.

Just click on that option, he said, hit “OK,” and your television should go into a mode where you see a task bar.  “You can see it.  It’s searching each channel, and when it finds something it will add a channel to your list,” said Lemons.

Starting Monday morning at 8:30, Lemons other engineers will take calls from anyone having trouble rescanning their televisions, and the engineers will offer help and advice.  The number to call at KY3 is (417) 268-0000.  Just let the receptionist know you need help rescanning your television.

The changes are mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as part of a broader effort to clear spectrum to provide space for wireless services.  KY3, KOZK, KSPR and KYCW are just four of nearly 1,000 stations nationwide that will be required to change frequencies over the next few years.