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Winter Precipitation Headed to the Ozarks

Some parts of the Ozarks will get ice, others snow, and some parts will get both ice and snow as a winter storm moves into the Ozarks this afternoon (1/26/09). KSMU's Michele Skalicky has more.

Winter weather is headed our way. Springfield and areas to the east, west and north as well as Northwest Arkansas are under a winter storm warning this afternoon thru tomorrow evening. Areas to the south of Springfield, including North Central Arkansas, are under an ice storm warning this afternoon thru tomorrow night.Ryan Kardell, meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Springfield, explains what we can expect in the Springfield area.

"We're in the middle, so we could probably seea little of both. I'm not going to say we won't have any ice accumulation here in Springfield. We'll probably have a slight glaze of ice--a tenth of an inch or less, maybe a little bit more--but the thrust of the ice is going to be south of here, but we will have some ice accumulation with sleet and snow on top of that, most likely, in some sort of a mix. As you get farther to the north, you're most likely to see all snow and then farther to the south it's primarily going to be freezing rain."

Areas that get snow could see one to four inches.

"The most significant threat is going to be across the southern Ozarks where we could see some significant ice accumulations--up to an inch of ice in the form of freezing rain. The atmospheric conditions are going to be more conducive to that freeze on contact-type rain environment."-As people are trying to get to work tomorrow and take kids to school, where it’s in session, we’ll still be getting winter precipitation.

"Rush hour tomorrow morning, we'll most likely be still in the thick of the event, so you'll have road crews out there trying to keep up with it, and you definitely want to inform your viewers to take extra precaution in the morning. Since we are going to have ice accumulation make sure to be out early and get your cars ready and cleaned off."

Kardell says the winter storm system should start moving out tomorrow afternoon.