stem spots

MethoxyRoxy / Creative Commons

Students at Missouri State University are always on the lookout for extracurricular activities to complement the coursework in their majors. 

So when students in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program learned about a national competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers, they jumped at the chance to participate. 

For this week's episode of STEM Spots, Aaron Abrudan, one of the team members, stops by to talk about the motivation behind and challenges of building a Baja Dune Buggy, as part of a student-comprised group of MET Bears. 

YaelBeer / Flickr, Creative Commons

Host David Cornelison interviews Nicholas Rogers, a student at Missouri State, about his impressions of his summer program in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

From the differences in equipment, knowledge, and research techniques, the discussion explores the opportunities offered to students in different locations.