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STEM Spots: A Closer Look At Vaccines


Vaccines have been part and parcel of our lives for hundreds of years. But what types are there and how do they really work? To get some of the inside information, we went to the Saint Louis University Center for Vaccine Development and its director, Dr. Daniel Hoft. He stops by (virtually) to talk about the history and inner workings of vaccines this week on STEM Spots. Listen to the segment below.

Dr. David Cornelison has been working as an educator and scientist in Arizona and Missouri universities for the last 32 years. From 2010-2018, he was the head of the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science at Missouri State University. His research interests lie at the intersection of experimental condensed-matter physics and astrophysics, while his educational efforts have focused on outreach to the K-12 school system. Most of all, he believes in curiosity-driven learning in the sciences and all other fields.