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Making a Difference

Supported by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Making a Difference is a long-running series that draws upon the personal stories and voices of Ozarks residents to highlight key issues impacting our community. 

Past seasons have included stories on poverty relief, public education, mental illness, and other topics important to our community. You can browse our Making a Difference archives below.

2021-2022 Series: The Community Focus Report for Springfield & Greene County

KSMU’s latest Making A Difference series kicks off with a series of discussions on the 2021 Community Focus Report for Springfield & Greene County.

The Community Focus Report assigns red flags to area of concern, or blue ribbons to successes and improvements seen within 11 topics: Transportation, Housing, Arts and Culture, Community Health, Citizen Participation, Early Childhood, Education, Natural Environment, Public Order & Safety, Recreation-Sports and Leisure, and Business and Economic Development.

The first episode features a discussion on Business and Economic Development with guests Pam Babcock of Garbo's Pizzeria ; Miles Hamilton of Queen City Cycles; and Sarah Kerner, Director of Economic Vitality for the City of Springfield.

Subsequent episodes will highlight topics explored by the report's facilitator Jonathan Groves.