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Science and the Environment

AI And The Future; The Roadmap Forward

geralt on Pixabay

  It has been clear for some time that everyone, no matter their locale, will see a future filled with both robots and the use of artificial intelligence.  How we face this inevitability and what pathways are likely, depends to a great deal on the legislation set by governmental agencies, from the city to international level.  Up until now, most of the groundwork has been laid by either industry participants or non-profits that deal with technological policy.  One such group is Brookings Institution, based in Washington DC.  Darrell West, a VP of Governance Studies at the institution, has worked on technological issues for many years and has written a new book, coauthored with John R. Allen, the President of Brookings, titled Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”.  In it, the authors lay out a number of case studies and evaluate possible strategies for policies that can address concerns and mitigate potential problems.  Listen in as Darrell comes to Stem Spots (via Zoom) and talks about the various issues that relate to a future of AI.