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Jobs for Life Seeks Champions to Assist Others

Life360 Church

A program aimed at helping people who are struggling to achieve success in their lives is well underway.

The Life360 Fairbanks program, Jobs for Life, has reached the half way point of its first round, and there is still a need for “champions” interested in assisting current and future students.

The global nonprofit organization, as it reads on its website, “engages and equips the local church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work.” It does this by mobilizing a network of volunteers that “apply biblically-based training and mentoring relationships” to help those in need find dignity and purpose.

“Students are encouraged to take a look at their entire life and maybe evaluate things in their past along with current habits they have that may be road blocks for them,” says Jeremy Hahn, lead pastor and executive director of Life360 Fairbanks.

This program does not solely focus on helping unemployed individuals, although every student is guaranteed an interview at one of 30 program partners.

“It’s not only about getting a new job, but it’s also about improving any current job situation, and equipping students with tools to be successful there,” explains Hahn.

The Grant Beach neighborhood of Zone 1 has been the program’s primary target, but anyone is welcome to join.

“Anyone of employment age can participate,” Hahn states.

Ideally, he adds, each student has his or her own champion who is paired with the student to assist them through the program.

“The champion takes the classes alongside them (the student), and they would even share their own personal story and open up and become really personal with them and have a relationship with our students,” describes Hahn.

Members also provide encouragement and support by following up with the student about their job search and workplace experience.

According to Hahn, there are no particular qualifications for being a champion. But he says it’s ideal if they have had a job or had some sort of success in life. The volunteers do receive a brief, one hour training.

The program is currently seeking four more champions to finish out the last three weeks of round one, and Life360 is looking for a total of 10 additional champions to be split between the next two rounds. Interested champions or students can contact Jeremy at