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News covering policy and issues related to city and county governments in the Ozarks.

Ever Wondered How to Address City Council? Find Out Here

Mike Schilling's campaign

In this segment of Making Democracy Work, Leslie Carrier talks with Springfield City Council member, Mike Schilling.
Mike Schilling is not a new name to Springfield public service.  He served as a State Representative from Springfield in the mid-1990’s and now is a newly elected member of the Springfield City Council.  He shares his thoughts on how governing at the local level is much more “raw” and “exposed” than working in politics at the state level because citizens can have much more direct contact with the process.  In fact, have you ever wondered how a bill becomes a law through City Council?  Or have you wanted to know the process by which citizens can address City Council?  Schilling walks us through this process so citizens have a better idea of how their city proposes, decides, and makes the policies which affect all of us.