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Covering state lawmakers, bills, and policy emerging from Jefferson City.

MO Legislature Races to the Finish this Week

MO Secretary of State

The Missouri Legislature enters the final five days of its annual session this afternoon with a major partisan battle taking shape.  Phill Brooks reports from Jefferson City.

The senate's Republican leader vows that right to work legislation, to ban requiring workers to join unions, will be the first issue for the week to be taken up in the senate.  And, if Democrats filibuster, Ron Richardson said their issue, to continue full federal Medicaid funding, will be stalled.

"You know what?  There's priorities on both sides of the aisle, and if mine don't make it, nobody else's will either," he said.

Legislative staff estimate that failure to pass that Medicaid bill would cost the state more than $2 billion in a program that provides healthcare coverage for the lower income.