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Governor: Regular Citizens Don't Ask about Email Retention

During a press conference in Springfield today, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt said no one other than reporters has asked him whether his office deleted emails that should have been saved under the state's sunshine law. Missy Shelton reports.

When asked what he had to say to regular Missourians about whether his office deleted emails that should have been kept under state law, this was the response from Governor Matt Blunt:

Blunt: "I've never had a regular Missourian ask me about it." (laughter)

Shelton: "Do you think that it's not an issue they care about?"

Blunt: "I will say, I talk to Missourians with great regularity and answer lots of questions. I've never had anybody in the state of Missouri ask me about email that wasn't a reporter."

A lawsuit filed by a former Blunt administration lawyer claims he was fired because he advised the governor's office it was violating state law by deleting emails. The lawsuit also claims top staffers in the governor's office told other state departments to destroy emails. Blunt has declined to comment on the allegations.