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Unorthodox book club to return to Springfield

Wild Bob's Musical Book Club
Paul Pharris performing his song for True Grit, featured at the end of the audio version of this story.

Wild Bob's Musical Book Club will meet for the first time in several years on October 5

The premise of Wild Bob's Musical Book Club was simple: Local musicians read the selection of the month, wrote a song based on the book and performed it at Lindbergh's Tavern. The group even put out a CD. Meeting eventually slowed to less-than-monthly, and there hasn't been once since the pandemic. But now, Wild Bob's is returning.

On October 5, Wild Bob's Musical Book Club will sing the banned book list. The broad selection of books was chosen in observance of the American Library Association's Banned Books Week. Paul Pharris, a regular performer, chose Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison, which follows a Chicano landscaper as he comes of age. The book has been banned or challenged in several school districts over claims that it contains sexually explicit material.

Pharris says that the book club has gotten him to read more, write more and grow as a performer.

"There’s always a little bit of on-edge-ness, even if you like playing in front of people. The first couple of songs are always a little… before you kind of get into the groove. [But] you’re just getting up and doing one song, and you kind of get used to that nervous feeling and living with it,” he said.

The book club will start at 6:30 on Thursday, October 5 at Lindbergh's. The cover charge will be $5. More information on Wild Bob's Facebook.