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Experienced birders needed for bird survey

A northern parula
Hans Toom
A northern parula

The North American Breeding Bird Survey will take Place May 27-July 7.

The Missouri Department of Conservation needs volunteers who have a good understanding of the state’s birds to help with the 2023 North American Breeding Bird Survey, which takes place from May 27 to July 7.

Janet Haslerig, coordinator of the Missouri Breeding Bird Survey, said anyone can volunteer, but they need to have keen eyes and ears as well as knowledge about the state’s birds. She said the data in these surveys is used to determine population trends, relative abundance and more.

“The data is used by several federal organizations, fishing wildlife services being one of them, state agencies, a lot of universities and researchers, and non-government organizations use it as well,” said Haslerig.

The five vacant bird observation routes are in Cassville in Barry County, Centertown in Cole County, Kenneth in Dunklin County, Sticklerville in Sullivan County, and Bland in Gasconade and Osage Counties. Volunteers will need to conduct their survey one day during the survey period.

For more information about the breeding bird survey, visit