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Missouri Senate Passes Bill That Would Criminalize 'Call Spoofing'



When telemarketers disguise their phone number on your caller ID, it’s known as "call spoofing." To many, it’s irritating. To others, it's predatory. And it may soon be considered a crime in Missouri.

On Thursday the Missouri Senate passed a bill sponsored by state senator Eric Burlison of southwest Missouri that would criminalize call spoofing as a felony, as well as allow the scammers to be sued by victims in civil court. Burlison said in a press release the call spoofers often target the vulnerable. 

According to the FCC, scammers can display fake phone numbers on a phone’s caller ID to make it seem like a call is coming from a local number. Some people fall prey to call spoofers when they agree to give scammers personal information, like a social security number or bank information.   If you've been a victim of this activity, you can visit

The bill now heads to the Missouri House.