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Several Inches Of Rain Expected To Cause Flooding Through The Weekend


Flooding will be a real risk in the Ozarks over the next few days.  A flood watch is in effect from noon today and will continue through Saturday afternoon.  

"The National Weather Service is forecasting storm total rainfall amounts ranging from three to five inches," said Doug Kramer, meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Springfield.  "We could see some locally higher amounts up to six inches, and this will be through Sunday evening, so between now and about Sunday evening, we're going to see several rounds of showers and thunderstorms across the Missouri Ozarks, and that does include the Springfield area."

He said flooding is an even greater risk in the winter when there’s little vegetation.

With thousands of low-water crossings in the Ozarks, motorists will need to drive with caution.

"Especially at night," said Kramer, "so, if you're navigating the roads during the nighttime hours over the next few days,  be very cautious of flooding, know where your low water crossings are and where those flood points are and drive up to them slowly just in case they are flooded and running swiftly because we will see that this weekend."

Kramer said the main risk with this active weather is expected to be flooding.  He said there’s a very marginal risk of severe weather.

There could be isolated higher amounts of rain as early as this afternoon that could cause flash flooding, according to Kramer.