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U.S. Senator Roy Blunt Discusses The Election On ABC's This Week


U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri continues backing President Donald Trump as the president refuses to concede the election.  

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday saying, "since when does the lamestream media call who our next president will be?"

Blunt, speaking on ABC's This Week on Sunday said there’s a process that needs to be followed.  And he said both Joe Biden and Donald Trump will benefit from that.

“The media can project, but the media doesn’t get to decide who the winner is.  There’s a canvassing process.  That needs to happen," Blunt said.  "I said on Friday I thought it was time for the president to turn this discussion over to his lawyers, time for the lawyers to make the case that they have, both in court and to the American people, and then we’re going to have to deal with those facts as they’re presented.”

President Trump, in a speech Thursday night, falsely claimed the election was rigged.  But Blunt continues to support the president and praise his performance in the election.

“If you’re the president, you look at the press projecting something—almost nothing the press has projected in this election turned out to be right," said Blunt.  "There was no blue wave.  If there is a mandate, the mandate is we want people to work together.  There weren’t great losses of Republican candidates because of President Trump, nor did President Trump get a threshing.”

And Blunt said, despite who ends up in control of the Senate, both sides need to continue to find ways to work together. 

Blunt is chair of the six-person committee that will plan the inauguration.  He expects there to be an outside, full-scale event.