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State Law Prohibits Electioneering Near A Polling Site, And That Includes Wearing Political Attire


When you head to the polls today in Missouri, you'll want to leave your campaign attire at home. 

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said, according to state statute, no electioneering is allowed within 25 feet of the outer door of a polling location.

“And so, when you come in, if you have a hat for a candidate or an issue, face mask, any type of attire like a t-shirt—I’ve even seen shoes—those should not be within 25 foot of the outer entrance of the polling location, and, of course, not inside the polling location especially,” said Schoeller.

The goal of the legislation is to make sure there’s no undue influence for voters as they fill out their ballots at polling sites, he said.

If you go to the polls wearing a face mask or t-shirt for a certain candidate or issue, you’ll be asked to turn it inside out or remove it.  Schoeller said, because it involves a state statute, law enforcement may be called if a person doesn’t comply.  But no matter what, according to Schoeller, a person who doesn’t comply will still be allowed to cast a ballot.