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Database Error Results In Incorrect Reporting Of More Than 5000 Cases In Missouri Saturday


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says an error with its database resulted in an incorrect report of the number of cases in 24 hours on Saturday.
According to MO DHSS, the database suggested Saturday that 5,020 cases had been added since Friday.

“When this issue was initially raised Saturday morning, the dashboard team began working through the data to identify the problem and are working through the weekend to correct the underlying issue,” said Dr. Randall Williams, DHSS Director, said on the agency's Facebook page.


The post reads:
DHSS team members have examined the system issue and are working urgently to resolve it. The Show Me Strong COVID-19 Public Health Dashboard will be updated once that resolution is complete. One key aim of transitioning to the new EpiTrax system is to standardize data management, and, thereby, prevent data reporting issues in the future.

It is important to note that all new cases have still been, and will continue to be, reported accurately and in a timely fashion to local public health agencies for case investigation. The above issues were limited to cumulative reporting on the Show Me Strong COVID-19 Public Health Dashboard.