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KSMU is dedicated to broadcasting critically important information as our community experiences the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you'll find our ongoing coverage.

Taney County, Joplin See Jump In COVID-19 Cases

Springfield-Greene County Health Department

The Taney County Health Department says there have been nine new cases of COVID-19 in the county since Friday.  That brings the total so far to 24 cases.  According to the department, four of the latest cases are considered to be community spread.  One is a close contact of a previous confirmed case.  The rest are undetermined but are not linked to previous cases.

The department announced potential COVID-19 exposures by some of those who tested positive.  They were at the Hollister Summer School June 3 through 12 and were unmasked.  A person with the illness also went to Walmart on Highway 76 on June 3 between 5 and 6 p.m. without a mask, to the Phillip 66 Gas Station in Walnut Shade around 9 a.m. June 3 with a mask on and Hyvee in Springfield June 3 around mid-morning while wearing a mask and gloves.

Another positive individual was at the State of the Ozarks Farmer’s Market in Hollister June 9 from noon to 7 p.m. without a mask, and on June 10 they were at the Walmart on Branson Hills Parkway mid-morning and at the Branson Post Office mid-morning unmasked.

On June 7, another person with COVID-19 went to the Home Depot around 2:45 for 15 minutes while unmasked, Target from 3 to 3:15 with a mask on and Walmart on Branson Hills Parkway from 3:30 to 4:15 while wearing a mask.  They also were at Starbucks at Target for 15 minutes at 11 a.m. June 8 while masked.

Anyone at those locations on those dates should watch for symptoms and contact a healthcare provider if any develop.

Joplin is also seeing a jump in COVID-19 cases.  According to the Joplin Health Department, there have been eight new cases confirmed there for a total of 37 so far in the city.

Seven of the cases are adults and one is a youth, according to the health department.  There is no known recent travel with the latest cases, and five of them appear to be community acquired.  The rest are contacts of a previous known positive cases.