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KSMU is dedicated to broadcasting critically important information as our community experiences the COVID-19 pandemic. Below, you'll find our ongoing coverage.

As Springfield Looks Toward Recovery From COVID-19, New Cases Are Confirmed In Greene County

Michele Skalicky

Update:  Springfield-Greene County Health Department director, Clay Goddard, said Tuesday there have been eight new cases in the county since Friday.

There are now 111 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Greene County, and 16 of those are active.  That’s according to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s assistant director Katie Towns.  She told Springfield City Council Monday night that there had been six new cases in the county since Friday.

"Some of the preliminary information that we are finding is that some of these are travel related," said Towns, "and, so, we do still want to encourage that people use an abundance of caution when traveling and know that this disease is still very much present in our community as well as other places."

Towns said the cases are under investigation, and the health department plans to release more information Tuesday.

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure said it’s concerning that people are bringing COVID-19 into the community.

"With the six new cases, I think that is a stark reminder to us that the disease is still here," he said.  "And, what it tells me is that our phased, step down approach is probably the best way to address this."

As the city moves into the recovery phase, Towns said, the new cases serve as a reminder to not move too quickly.

In Missouri, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 2 p.m. Monday was 10,945.  And, 605 people in the state had died from the illness.