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Springfield's History Museum: Document These Extraordinary Times With Letters

History Museum on the Square


Letter writing has become a bit of a lost art, but Springfield's History Museum on the Square says it's encouraging the practice—and it welcomes photos of your letters as a way to preserve what it sees as historic times.

Many adults and children across the region are home due to schools moving to online formats or stay-at-home orders because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The museum encourages people to write letters to their friends and loved ones and send them by old-fashioned mail.  According to Krista Adams, the museum is in the storytelling business.  It wants people to write letters about their lives under these unprecedented circumstances.  The museum says people will be helping them build an archive that can be used for future researchers.  

The process is simple:

* Write the letter

* Then, before dropping it in the mailbox, take a picture of the letter

* Email the picture to

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