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With a Valentine’s Stout, Brewery Spreads Love to its Rural Community

Courtesy of Wages Brewery

Forget champagne; Wages Brewery on the outskirts of West Plains just released its "Valentine's Date Night Stout."


Their stout brew may sound like a beverage made for lovers, but it was released for a charitable cause.


Phil Wages, who founded Wages Brewery two years ago with his wife, said they released this new stout for a Casino Night in West Plains to support the Greater West Plains Area Boys and Girls Club.


“So they actually served it last Saturday and I understand it was a huge hit, so we’re very pleased with that.”



Wages said that the Boys and Girls Club is underfunded in south-central Missouri, and with many families relying on their support, he said every little bit helps.

As for the brew itself, it’s not your average stout. The Date Night Stout was created, in part, thanks to an overabundance of raspberries at the brewery. Wages said while most traditional stouts are thicker, like a classic Guinness, this one is lighter and drier, courtesy of the berries.


“Our goal was to have a balance between raspberry and chocolate. But this was the first time we brewed it, so we actually put way more raspberry in than we needed to. So it’s more raspberry with just a hint of chocolate in the background.”


Its dark red color and traditional Valentine’s candy flavors make it sound like the perfect drink for lovers--but Wages wants the brewery’s focus to move away from couples.


“We’re doing Valentine’s Singles Night. We’ll have a happy hour to help the singles out, you know maybe they can find some love, but at least they’ll have a raspberry stout and we actually have an award winning chocolate soda that we’re serving as well.”


The chocolate soda was crafted by their Brew Master for a chocolate competition. The brewery will also serve an award winning cake from that same competition.


Find more information here for Wages Brewery.

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