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New Software Brings Greene County Jury Duty into the Digital Age

Scott Harvey
Greene County Courthouse/Credit: Scott Harvey

In the past, when jury duty called, you’d get a notice in the mail and follow the instructions for a paper trail.  But now, Greene County joins several other counties across the state in using a new, digital system for the jury summons process. 

The Show-Me Jury, or e-Juror, is expected to speed up the process once a juror receives a summons.

Instead of having to go back and forth through the postal service, jurors can fill out their information online.

Anthony Rodebush is the jury supervisor for Greene County.

“The nice thing about it is if you do ask for an excuse or a postponement, that request goes into a review editor that we look at daily in the jury office, and we can get back to you that day.”

As for those people who don’t get online much, Rodebush says there are still ways to process the jury summons.

“We obviously have our phone number on our summons. If you have a problem, just call our office and we can do it over the phone for you. It’s not a problem at all.”

County officials project the new system will save the courts thousands of dollars a year on postage—and they say they hope this will make things easier for people called to complete their civic duty.