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McCaskill Pushes for Simplicity on Veterans Websites

Claire McCaskill
Ryan Welch

Is it or  That's a question many veterans are wondering when they go to access their benefits.  One of Missouri's Senators in Washington is trying to cut down on the confusion.

There are two websites run by the federal government that veterans can go to receive benefits for their service.   US Senator Claire McCaskill says this is confusing, and is asking whether these two websites can share info, or be combined into one site.—run by the Department of Veterans Affairs—is meant to be a comprehensive portal for veterans to access services such as healthcare, education, and employment benefits.—run by the Department of Labor—focuses just on employment benefits and business support. 

The problem is: some vets go to just one site, thinking the two offer the same benefits.

In a letter to the Secretary of Labor and the Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, McCaskill asked for details on a solution by May 18.