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There are Ways to Save on Utility Bills this Summer

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Temperatures this weekend will be in the upper 80s, and that means lots of people will likely have their air conditioners on, resulting in higher utility bills.

 City Utilities is offering tips for customers to help conserve energy and water and to save money.

 According to CU, residents can save three to five-percent of their air conditioning costs for each degree they go above their normal setting.  The suggested temperature for summer months is 78 degrees.

 Other ways to save money on energy costs as temperatures go up include installing a programmable thermostat; checking your home for air leaks around doors and windows, making sure the cooling system is working properly and that filters are clean and closing window coverings during the day, especially on south and west sides.

 CU suggests watering your lawn using the even/odd watering system and adjusting sprinklers to water only the yard—not the street or sidewalk.