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Day of Caring Results in Finished Projects for Many Area Non-Profits

Volunteers from a variety of businesses and organizations fanned across Springfield and other area communities today to help out nonprofit agencies.  The United Way Day of Caring had more than 2000 people helping out. 

Isabel’s House Crisis Nursery had volunteers from KY-3 and American National working on projects.  They organized a bike storage shed and worked on the playground in the backyard—installing a giant abacus for learning math and a permanent hopscotch play area.

The organization’s executive director, Holly Beadle says the projects will enhance their educational curriculum.

"A big part of that for our preschool-age kiddos is getting out and exploring and doing and exploring the world around them, so all of this is part of our curriculum but also a lot of fun," she said.

Beadle, says Day of Caring is huge for the crisis nursery. 

"When we have big groups like this that are able to come in and tackle a big project and provide a lot of heavy lifting, it helps us get our big ideas that the kiddos will love and enjoy, it helps get those implemented," she said.

Elizabeth Atchley, who works for ANPAC ,was busy working on stencils to use to paint numbers on the hopscotch diagram they planned to make with stone tiles they had painted earlier.  She says she volunteers outside of work and didn’t hesitate to sign up where she knew her work would have an impact on kids.

"Kids who are here are already in a pretty precarious situation--in a bad place, and to have somewhere that helps them feel safe and loved and that allows them to have fun and feel at home--being part of that, I think, is really rewarding," she said.

Volunteers with Wyndham were among those helping out during Day of Caring at the Developmental Center of the Ozarks.  They power and hand washed playground equipment, toys and other items that the kids who attend the center come into contact with.

One of those volunteering was Ronnee Bogle.  She’s signed up to work at Day of Caring in the past and says it feels good to help out the community.

"The kids are going to really enjoy, you know, these toys and furniture.  It's going to be all nice and clean and sanitized.  It makes you feel good," she said.

For her co-worker, Kate Barrad, volunteering is part of who she is.

"I've done volunteer work for the last 40 years, you know, I love it.  For me, it's what makes life worth living," she said.

Volunteers today came from 149 businesses and organizations.  They completed 279 individual projects at more than 100 nonprofit agencies.