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OPT Highlights the Accomplishments of Missouri State’s Marching Band


As part of ongoing efforts to offer unique historical accounts, Ozarks Public Television presents its newest documentary “The Beat Goes On – MSU’s Pride Marching Band” this week.

Tom Carter is programming and production manager for OPT.

“It is just the highlight filled and warmly human interest history of our marching band at the university,” says Carter.

This documentary of the Missouri State University marching band dates back to its origin; just a few years after the school was founded, and follows the band’s history and accomplishments up to the present day. Largely, it will focus on the past 30 years when the band was under the direction of Jerry Hoover, who is retiring.

Under Hoover, Carter says “They very quickly and very successfully gained national recognition and reputation for their performances.” For instance, the band has marched in London, at the Orange Bowl, and in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the past few decades. This past fall, the band was invited to perform at Disney World.”

A lot went into the production of this documentary. OPT had crews following the band from its Summer Boot Camp last year up through the end of the marching season. Carter says that all in all, the whole process “was a lot of fun.”

“The people that you’re working with, a part of the band staff, Mr. Hoover himself, band members, I mean they are such an extraordinary group of people. They’re very passionate about what they do, they’re very talented, they’re very enthusiastic, and impressively they’re a very disciplined group.”

There are 24 on-camera interviews with band members, staff, administrators, past university presidents, and more, which Carter says offers “a very unique and helpful perspective.” Countless hours went into production for this documentary, he adds, from following the band throughout its season to editing the footage starting in January.

OPT prepares documentaries twice a year for viewers.

Carter says that this particular showing will offer a distinct perspective on the beloved marching band, and he hopes that viewers will gain a new appreciation for it.

“Many people are familiar with our marching band and they really enjoy it and have for the past many years. Probably they’re most familiar with the halftime shows and those kind of events here at our football games, but certainly the large scale performances that our band has done, nationally and internationally, I think that story will be a little new or a little unique for viewers.”

“The Beat Goes On – MSU’s Pride Marching Band” will air on Thursday at 8 pm, with a repeat broadcast April 3rd at 2 pm. OPT and KSMU are both part of Ozarks Public Broadcasting.

A link to the documentary webpage can be foundhere.

OPT and KSMU are both a service of Ozarks Public Broadcasting.