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Education news and issues in the Ozarks.

Cradle to Kindergarten: Preparing for Education

Dr. Sascha Mowrey

From the very first moments, your child is learning. They are soaking in their environment and learning to interact with it.

Dr. Sascha Mowrey, assistant professor of early childhood education at Missouri State University, gives tips for preparing your child for a lifetime of learning.

To her, one of the most important characteristics that parents can instill in a child is curiosity. It can be challenging to always be “on” and engaged, but Mowrey says the best way to teach curiosity is to model it.

Another challenge for parenting is knowing how much screen time is too much. She provides some guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Mowrey notes that more children attend preschool now than in the past. Therefore, many children are entering kindergarten with a greater grasp on some of the skills previously taught in kindergarten.

She talks a bit about the kindergarten screening expectations, and she is ready to set your mind at ease. Anywhere along the road that you feel your child might be missing milestones, Mowrey suggests speaking with a pediatrician or a caregiver.

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