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Events Planned for Magna Carta Anniversary


Leslie Carrier talks with Crista Hogan, executive director of the Springfield Bar Association and with Mark McQueary, the organization's president, about the Magna Carta and events surrounding its anniversary.

Do you remember studying the Magna Carta in high school history class?  Do you know the relationship of the Magna Carta to the Rules of Law that govern our society today?  Or did you know that 2015 is the 800th anniversary of the creation of this document?  It’s not often that we celebrate an anniversary of such significance, so it just goes to show how important the Magna Carta document was to establishing the guidelines for our country.  We are very lucky that a traveling exhibit will be in Springfield in October, so we all will have the opportunity to refresh our knowledge from that high school history class of long ago.  

Crista Hogan, Executive Director of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, and Mark McQueary, President of the Bar Association and an attorney with the law firm of Neale & Newman, talk about how this traveling exhibit came to Springfield, the community partners who are involved, and some of the special programs and events taking place in the next few weeks.  There is everything from movies at the Moxie Cinema, to lectures and programs at the library, to a program at the Art Museum.  The actual exhibit will be on display at the MSU Meyer Library from October 12-23.