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Community Safety

October, November Deadliest Months for Deer Accidents in Missouri

Scott Sturkol/ Creative Commons

October and November are peak months for deer on the road—that’s according to the Missouri Department of Transportation.  

There were 4,111 crashes with 389 injuries involving deer in Missouri in 2017, according to MoDOT.  Just over a third of those injuries took place in October and November.

Five out of the seven fatalities caused by deer last year happened in the same months.

In November, deer are in “rut,” or in the process of mating, and act unpredictably, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. They may stop in the middle of the road or suddenly dart into traffic.

MoDOT says the best way to stay safe is to use these tips:

  • Buckle up and put your phone down.
  • Control your speed and stay alert.
  •  Don’t swerve to avoid a deer.
  •  If a deer crosses the road in front of you, watch for others that may be following it.
  •  Don’t follow another driver too closely because they might suddenly have to stop.

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