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Community Safety

Springfield Fire Department Looks to Relocate Staff and Equipment from Two City Stations

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Based on a new study, the Springfield Fire Department could move staff and firefighting apparatus from two of its stations.

According to a news release, the fire department is conducting a staffing and deployment study that it hopes will “significantly improve its responses within the community.”  The study uses analytics software to evaluate a variety of factors:  from the number of fire and EMS incidents to response times.  It also looks at the number of responses where the fire department isn’t meeting the national standard for apparatus and personnel.

Based on the study’s findings so far, the department said Fire Station 6, on W. Battlefield, should have its staffing and apparatus relocated to help cover west-central Springfield.  Evidence also suggests that Fire Station 12, on S. Blackmon Rd., should have its staffing and apparatus moved to other areas of the city, most likely south-central Springfield, according to the SPFD.

The department said, several years ago, resources from the core of the City were redistributed to open each of those two stations in anticipation of annexation occurring in east and southwest Springfield. But those annexations never occurred.

The department is requesting Springfield City Council input to determine the next step in the process. According to the SPFD, if City Council doesn’t have strong opposition to the move, it will further evaluate the various options and make a final decision on how to deploy the resources.