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How Much Rain Fell in Springfield Wednesday?


Wednesday’s rainfall in Springfield hasn’t been this heavy in more than four years. That’s according to Andy Boxell, a meteorologist with the local National Weather Service office, who said 3.2 inches had fallen as of early this afternoon.

“Looking back into the record books, this is actually the most rainfall in a 24 hour period that we have seen here in Springfield since the first of September of 2010. That day we saw 4.62 inches of rain, so we’re not going to get anywhere close to that, but certainly in the grand climatological scheme of things, a fairly heavy day of rainfall here in Springfield,” Boxell said.

The city, however, has been lucky to avoid major flooding, he says. While morning rains did inundate storm drains and produce some street flooding, Boxell says it could have been worse.

“In some respects, we lucked out a bit in that the ground was relatively dry across the area. So despite the heavy rainfall, we really haven’t seen the sort of flooding problems that we ordinarily would see in this much rainfall.”

As with any flooding hazard, motorists and pedestrians are reminded of how easily a vehicle or person can be swept away by fast-moving water.

“So certainly we encourage folks to be cautious out there if their driving. Definitely turn around and don’t drown, if you encounter a flooded roadway, just turn around and find an alternate route.”

A slight chance of rain continues for the region through tomorrow, but skies are expected to clear on Friday.