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Nixa Releases Fiber Feasibility Survey to Residents

Nixa officials hope a feasibility study will help guide the city in bringing faster Internet speed to citizens. KSMU’s Taylor Brim has details.

Nixa Mayor Brian Steele says that high-speed Internet access is fast becoming a key element in growing communities. In a news release, Steele said “Such a system will bring new businesses, increase property values for residents, lower costs for these services and provide the type of connectivity that our schools demand."

City leaders recently approved the community survey, which is expected to last about six weeks. It will be conducted by SiFi Networks, an international Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network developer, and Design Nine, a U.S. Fiber to the Home consultant, to assess the feasibility of a FiberCity network.  

FiberCity is an extension of the London-based SiFi Network.

“We need some sort of upgraded fiber network in Nixa. I think residents and business owners would tell you that as well and I think it would help Nixa expand its economic growth,” Finney said.

Jill Finney is the communications director for the City of Nixa. She says the survey’s primary function is to determine whether SiFi Network is the appropriate infrastructure provider for Nixa.

“However, we just got to do it in the right way, the right amount of time, we can’t rush into it, and we need to make sure it’s affordable. That’s finding the right company, the right people, and this is just a step in that process.”

Finney says if residents are unhappy with the cost, the city of Nixa will pursue other high-speed options.

The survey will gauge how much residents are paying for current services and how much they are willing to subscribe for a faster Internet service. They are able to choose from options including $50 per month for 50 mbps (megabits per second), $60 per month for 100 mbps, and $99 per month for 1 Gbps (gigabits per second).