Nuisance Properties

Courtesy of Phyllis Ferguson/North Side Advocate and former City Councilwoman

This week, host Debbie Good speaks with Phyllis Ferguson, North Side Advocate and former Zone One City Councilwoman.

“I like to call them ‘problem’ properties rather than nuisance.  A nuisance is something we learn to live with, a problem is something with a solution,” explains Ferguson.

Today’s discussion explores measures the City is taking to address these properties, and what neighborhood residents can do to be a part of the solution.

City of Springfield

Springfield City Council has unanimously approved a bill that city officials say puts more teeth in the Nuisance and Housing Code. 

City officials say the new code is clearer, better aligns with state law, holds property owners accountable for compliance and allows for better and more timely enforcement and abatement.

City councilman Justin Burnett said he’s excited about the new code.

"The changes proposed would align us with state law, and it's the next step in solving chronic nuisance properties," he said.


A bill expected to be decided by Springfield City Council tonight addresses nuisance properties in the city.

On May 26th, council took the first step in dealing with nuisance properties by unanimously passing an ordinance to create a series of penalties for property owners who continue to fail to maintain their property.  It also clarified changes concerning special tax bills and additions to real estate tax bills and codified due-process-of-law provisions for enforcement actions.