Dr. Deb Larson

Brandon Barber / Show-Me Chefs

“Five, four, three….” With a slap of the clapperboard, season two production of “Show-Me Chefs” is underway from a studio in downtown Springfield.

Daan Jansen, one of the student producers of the show, aims to make season two of the cooking show more akin to the local community.


Students with Missouri State University’s Media Journalism and Film Department will get their hands dirty later this month with the premiere of its new show entitled “Show-me Chefs.” The show will feature various chefs and their restaurants from the Springfield area.

The idea for the show was pitched a little over a year ago to MJF Associate Professor Dr. Deb Larson. Once Larson realized how feasible it was she was ready to take on the project.

“They had the kitchen setup, we have the equipment, it’s just a matter of making it happen.” Larson said.