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Biking Through Springfield, Across Country for Affordable Housing

Mountain Bike

A nonprofit organization is pedaling across the country to raise awareness for affordable housing, with plans to stop through Springfield next month.                                                   

Bike and Build is sending eight different groups of young adults to different parts of the country to help build homes for those in need.

“Along the way, they will stop and build a house with groups likes Habitat of Humanity and Rebuilding Together,” Bike and Build member Brad Collins, says.

Collins’ group will travel 3,873 miles from Portland, Maine to Santa Barbra, California Each group has 28 riders and 4 leaders.

According to Collins, each rider raises $4,500, which totals $650,000 to re-grant to other nonprofit organizations.

People or churches that host the teams can choose an organization for Bike and Build to donate $100. Each rider also gets to donate $500 to any organization of their choosing. Bike and Build also offers competitive grants for organizations of between $500 to $10,000.

According to Collins, the organization tries to encourage younger volunteers to get into a habit of service and civic engagement.

“About 77 percent will work on at least one volunteer project a year after Bike and Build. Whereas beforehand, it was probably around 25 or 30 percent,” Collins adds.

Each year, the Bike and Build select new leaders and riders.

“I can’t emphasize enough just how cool the organization is and while affordable housing is a huge part of what we do, I’ve been really impressed with how they have a big focus on getting the younger generation involved,” Collins adds.

Collins’ groups will be stopping in Springfield July 21-22 to build a house with Habitat of Humanity.

For more information on how to apply to be a rider, leader, or host for next summer, click here.